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    Yang Ming is leukaemia teammate contribution 10 thousand Liaoning long to long to organize justice contest raise donations
    Sport net dispatch is occupied " Shenyang daily " reportThe astral king Shen of the hope that covey of Liaoning male basket moves on the beginning of the year this year will be diagnosed to be thymus tumour this year in May, cancer cell has diffused nowadays to marrow, face charge of 100 thousand yuan several medullary transplanting operation, the teammate of Liaoning male basket people the hand that reachs aid to him in succession.
    King Shen height 1 meter 90, mix in Liaoning youth group national youth group all is captain. This year the beginning of the year he comes by the attune on Liaoning youth group covey, but prepare for war actively in him CBA league matches during, king Shen is diagnosed suddenly to be thymus tumour. During 11 long holidays, his illness worsens suddenly, cancer cell has transferred marrow, pathological changes became leukaemia. The doctor in charge of a case of king Shen tells a reporter, the patient's condition of king Shen is rarer, the method nowadays can await medullary transplanting operation only, [url=]wholesale jordans shoes[/url] but the fee of the operation is very big, conservative estimation is in 30-50 10 thousand yuan between, only ability of operation king Shen comes down alive likely.
    Because king Shen is diagnosed to give cancered moment to had not longed to expect male basket club with Liaoning,the autograph is made an appointment with, so distant basket club is not in charge of his medical treatment charge. Face the operation cost of a huge sum, king Shen was immersed in hopeless situation almost. After be informed this message, yang Ming of team member of Liaoning male basket sends king Shen 10 thousand yuan, additionally a few teammate also collect thousands of yuan medical treatment cost. Long to long for a club to engineering a justice contest at present, the hope raises money for king Shen medical expenses.

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    Water original owner is handsome: Contest is taken completely in anticipation if really explain the flower is very normal, chinese football, inferior coronal, football news, 7m sports news
    Water original owner is handsome: Contest is taken in anticipation completely if really explain the flower is very On March 17, 2011 origin: People net last night, in2011 inferior coronal league matchesIn group contest, Water former SamSungAdvocate with4 than 0Get the better of greatlyShanghai explain flower, obtained Bensaijiya Guan Shousheng, forwardRiver too allWas to perform cap magic more.
    After contest, cheng Xiao of handsome Yin of water original owner says: "Contest is complete if really in my anticipation, take explain the flower is very regular job. The goal of begin makes our palm controlled the aspect of the match, let the match become relatively relaxed. Team member people develop very outstandingly, especially river too all. Especially river too all..
    "The battle array change of team of this sports season is very big, after forming new team, we are inK league matchesHe Yaguan was obtained 3 Lian Sheng, it [url=]michael jordan shoes[/url] is mature with each passing day to coordinate an aspect. " the expression that speaks of team, yin Chengxiao appears very satisfactory.
    And to explain beautiful expression, yin Chengxiao alludes the other side is " guest field bug " . "Explain the flower is inChinaHome is a very outstanding team for certain, but they are not quite good in the expression of guest field match, this may be adjusted with them not ideal and unwell and due very big concern. "

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