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It bugs me that it fucked up a bunch of curated blogs, artists posting their own music, and all the other assorted rare material/mixes/etc that disappeared.

noz had some good comments on twitter that a lot of kids making music now aren't thinking about archiving for the future at all, and sites like this getting wiped out just accelerates the process of history disappearing. You more or less have to decide to destroy a physical recording/artifact, digital files will just naturally vanish into the aether if it isn't consciously maintained by someone and not all artists are into that.

y luego alguien responde

this is a problem i've been talking about. i'm worried about things that never had physical distribution or were never and will never be commercially released disappearing from time. demos, mixtapes and alternate/extended versions of songs have been the real joy of filesharing for me. i don't see the possibility of universal ever putting out a remastered version of casual's fear itself with the demos attached, for instance. or back when i had an mp3 blog, there are songs from back then that i may never find again already. it took me like a year recently to rediscover a gangster rap song i posted called "f.u." by j.r. i only got it again from someone who originally downloaded it from me and happened to still have it

the majority of the things i download are out of print or obscure and much of that segment is going to be wiped from the internet it feels like in the next couple weeks. considering the shrinking physical marketplace for albums, re-releasing obscure records that sold very little to begin with even digitally has got to be the lowest possible priority for major labels. i've noticed on soulseek that really obscure tracks are getting harder to find than when i originally downloaded them like ten years ago. regular, canonized albums will always be shared online in some way, they're easy to remember and catalog. it would just suck to lose the off-kilter shit

después aparece la abril

I've seen that this has been a problem for the local music scene here and probably will be a bigger problem in the future. People doing a three track demo and throwing it up on bandcamp & mediafire is great to get the music out there straight away but it tends to disappear into the void after a year or two. There's already threads about bands who, for example, put up a bunch of demos/live tracks or whatever on MySpace or even Bebo only two or three years ago which are now lost because they've closed the page after breaking up etc. Also, the entire foundation of live show recording & trading which I'm into in a big way rests on digital files being traded (there's usually never a physical copy excluding back ups etc) which already has lost a tonne of things over the last few years.

pero ese no es un buen argumento. como me acabo de dar cuenta hace unos días, los discos duros no son confiables. tenemos que empezar a tener el hábito de copiar todo a lo físico por que la información en internet tiene fecha de expiración.