best of the best XIV (GWR edition)

ya está oscureciendo...

Girls Who Rape

Polly Jean Harvey

qué buenas fotos tiene

con nick cave

1. good fortune
2. missed
3. dress
4. this mess we're in (ft. thom yorke)
5. silence
6. c'mon billy
7. you said something
8. oh my lover
9. down by the water
10. nina in ecstasy

Chan Marshall (Cat Power)

1. lived in bars
2. naked if i want to [jerry miller jr. cover]
3. i don't blame you
4. the greatest
5. new york [pop. por sinatra]
6. moonshiner [trad.- pop. por dylan]
7. werewolf
8. names
9. paths of victory [bob dylan]
10. amazing grace [tradicional]

Neko Case

1. deep red bells
2. star witness
3. that teenage feeling
4. this tornado loves you
5. hold on, hold on
6. margaret vs pauline
7. look for me (i'll be around)
8. i wish i was the moon
9. prison girls
10. if you knew

big girls don't cry...