más soporte a mi tesis del futuro como raza

I think we have to start thinking about the idea that humans in the last 30, 40, or 50,000 years have been domesticating ourselves. If we're following the bonobo or dog pattern, we're moving toward a form of ourselves with more and more juvenile behavior. And the amazing thing once you start thinking in those terms is that you realize that we're still moving fast. I think that current evidence is that we're in the middle of an evolutionary event in which tooth size is falling, jaw size is falling, brain size is falling, and it's quite reasonable to imagine that we're continuing to tame ourselves. The way it's happening is the way it's probably happened since we became permanently settled in villages, 20 or 30,000 years ago, or before.


ok, evidencia que -de hecho- seguimos cambiando en fast forward. vengamos o no del chango, eso es irrelevante. lo que importa es que fuimos algo diferente alguna vez y si podemos cambiar desde eso hasta lo que somos ahora -que cada vez mas parece ser solo una etapa enmedio de la línea horizontal- pues quisiera saber el final. los ovnis que vemos en el cielo? esa es mi apuesta