i know after effects

para celebrar:

I remain patient meditating while they got you waiting to go to a camp concentration , I aint faking, we are like the brand new jews ,but the new Hitler is too big for you to get in your view

the enemy is laughing at you while youre acting like an asshole, extreme darkness made my people seem heartless, it got me more frustrated than a fiend spark-less, you see the enemy is a scheme artist, right now they be the smartest cuz your only concern is if you seem the hardest, but you look retarded.

you brain washed watching too many talk shows , i bet you got flows, but in result is in evil , when the only way to be equal will come up is insulting ppl.. You be amazed when the curtain raises!


Rock like metal, plus we heavy on the pedal
The chosen, to rule over the bass and the treble
For those and, for those and those who be opposing
They scared cause they know we eat the mic like errosion

verbal skill, it is also an atomical weapon, I hope I knock some, sense into ya

rascalz, canadian jazz hip hip from 1997