cocteau twins: live 1990

"A rare nostalgia moment: i didnt think any footage from the Heaven or Las Vegas tour in 1990 existed and i remember how cool it was being able to have a lighting designer for the first time that tour but have never seen how our stage looked from the audience till tonight so this is a treat to me. The whole concert in on youtube now pretty much. And my god, what a voice Elizabeth had on this tour, absolutely perfect on every song. Some rare good memories."
— Simon Raymonde, bassist

pura joya


Blue Bell Knoll
From the Flagstones
Iceblink Luck
Orange Appled
Wolf in the Breast
Pitch the Baby
Cherry Coloured Funk
Road, River and Rail
A Kissed Out Red Floatboat
Heaven or Las Vegas
Aikea Guinea
Pink Orange Red


Whales’ Tails
Mizake the Mizan