No. 149. 
The mouth is a vessel of foul saliva 
And scum between the teeth, 
The nose a vessel of snot, slime, and mucus, 
The eyes are vessels of tears and other excretions. 

No. 150. 
The abdomen and chest is a vessel 
Of feces, urine, lungs, liver, and so forth. 
Those who through obscuration do not see 
A woman this way, lust for her body. 

No. 151.
Just as some fools desire 
An ornamented pot filled with what is unclean, 
So ignorant, obscured 
Worldly beings desire women. 

No. 152.
If the world is greatly attached 
Even to this ever-so-smelly body 
Which should cause loss of attachment, 
How can it be led to freedom from desire? 

No. 153.
Just as pigs are greatly attached 
To a site of excrement, urine, and vomit, 
So some lustful ones desire
A site of excrement, urine, and vomit. 

No. 154. 
This city of a body with protruding holes 
From which impurities emerge 
Is called an object of pleasure 
By beings who are stupid. 

No. 155.
Once you yourself have seen the impurities 
Of excrement, urine, and so forth, 
How could you be attracted 
To a body composed of those