y ahora aparte de pedo ando coize

ok entonces ya llegamos a lo bueno
bros, romeo, ahh no mames tonight was soo good, "queda entre nosotros no coral' jaja awevo
im not trying to forget you
i just like to be alone
come and give me the space i need
and you may and you may
over and oveer, boy from school, take me out voy a llorar
atlas (best of 07), staring at the sun, wow todas estas las he escuhado en vivo absolutamente todas menos bros

since i left you!!
float on claro que si
oh uno de los mejores:
(sobre float on, ahi te va jorch)
The rhythm section marches forward like the irrepressible human spirit, the out of tune yet utterly undeniable pinprick guitar line seesaws like a rickety carousel, and the shout-along, clap-along, fist-pump-along chorus hits like a ticker-tape parade. Cars crash, money is stolen, jobs are lost-- whatevs, man. We'll all float on, OK. --

oh estos weyes se fueron
(sobre cant get you out of my head -na na na...)
How did Kylie make one of the decade's finest dance-pop anthems? By offering less: less singing, less melody, less feeling. What's left is a buzzy, insatiable desire, an itch you can't scratch but maybe can dance out.

ya no me acuerdo que tocaron hoy
fabianne's last nite?

y al final
(sigo leyendo la pinche lista, ya se me esta bajando)
radiohead al parecer lo mas alto que van a llegar en numero 24 everything in its right place
in its right place
seguido de dang dang daft punk! awevo
los dos non stop de 2006 los dos renacimientos