what the FUCK.

locke no es locke pero el bato del principio bahahaha dios santo
estuvo tan chingon
entonces christian tampoco revivio pero es otro wey tratando de chingarse a jacob. y ahora que esta claro quien esta contra quien va a estar super chingon

cuando juliette se muere no mames bueno cuando cae a esa madre
me gustaria ver el teleplay de esa parte

Kate: Jaaack!
Miles: Daaaaad!!
Phil: Lafleur.
Sawyer: Julieetttt!
Sawyer: Kaaate!
Kate: Sawyer!

y el final! a la madre
en blanco
man, what is UP with this show?

(this kinda sums it up for me)
-Am I the only person completely satisfied that the characters have devolved into just pawns for the great battle between Esau vs. Jacob? To me, the characters have always been secondary to the "forces of the island." To see Locke, this mysterious person who's been built up to be this big important savior figure of the island to be seemingly duped into becoming discarded for the sake of Esau and Jacob's conflict was extremely satisfying, to me at least. And Locke is one of my favorite characters. The characters are trying so hard to be important / change things, when really they're completely insignificant to the "greater powers."-
which is really what we all are at the end, pawns to a greater force (nature)
y lo que siempre digo, como puede haber gente que con todo lo que sabemos, se cree "importante"

-top things that need to be resolved in season six:

1) what happens now that jacob is dead?
2) did 'the incident' work and prove faraday correct?
3) what does the egyptian bullshit have to do with everything?
4) how is locke the loophole?
5) is esau still on the island, or does he only exist as smokey and other manifestations?
6) where does widmore fall in all of this?