todavia quedan un putero de preguntas que contestar pero me da igual si no las contestan. hay unas cosas que quedan mejor sin saber
pero esto si es cierto:

It feels like when you were a kid and you had a bunch of homework to do, but instead of doing your homework you fucked around all night playing Mario Brothers and kept telling yourself that you’ve gotta stop fucking around and do your homework, but you kept playing Mario Brothers anyway. Then you finally stop playing and start tying to do your homework, but it’s like, one in the morning and so you just say “Fuck it, I’m not doing my homework tonight” and go to sleep instead?

Another disappointment last night was finding out that the mysterious never aging Richard Alpert, is actually kind of a pussy who doesn’t know what the fuck is going on either. I think that revelation has a lot to do with my sudden frustration with Lost now. It was nice feeling like there was at least ONE FUCKING PERSON on the show who knew what the hell was going on. Even when all of the other characters were running into walls and feeling around in the dark, it seemed like at least Richard Alpert probably had a handle on what was happening. Then tonight we found out that he doesn’t know anything either. He’s just so dude that shrugs his shoulders and says “Well, whatever you say dude”. Fuck that. Now it feels like there’s no anchor for anything. For a while it felt like Ben was that guy. The guy who knew everything that was happening and could probably tells us all the answers eventually. But no, now Ben doesn’t anything either. Nobody knows anything.

Poor Juliet. Her and Sawyer were all set to have a pretty decent life in 1977 America, buying Microsoft stock and betting on superbowls. They were on the sub, seconds away from closing the hatch and sailing off… and here comes stupid Kate to fuck everything up. She climbs down the stairs like “Oh, hi guys!” and Juliet is like “Fuck me raw with a chainsaw.”