"what if the black rock was the original oceanic 815, and albert is one of two survivors of the old pirate ship. oh and he was somehow made eternal.

jack was on it, too. he was the captain. and he's been around forever as bearded jack, but others call him jacob."

black rock as 815 is really good, i haven't thought of/heard that. And Walt is one of the slaves. And they go back in time and SLAVERY NEVER HAPPENS and the Ewoks come out and go FUCK YOU HURLEY JEDI WAS THE BEST IN THE SERIES and pull out Ewok Dookie Lazor glocks and execute the purge so the univuhse haz a whey of course-correctin' brutha and Desmond blows his load on Penny's face while the bomb goes off and obliterates everyone in the future but Jin is blown clear and finds his way back to the island in 1951 and they start a new show