the post about lost

el episodio de ayer estuvo meh pero si rifo ver a rousseau llegar a la isla con su crew.. y embarazada no less! entonces ben no es el papa de alex. y cuando dijo que se la quito a su mama loca y la mataron era verdad. shit. n e way, here are some theories i agree with

sickness = radiation
I mean Alpert could be completely lying but the psychic - officially the fucking worst plot device on the show at this point - says he just walked over US military corpses that are a month old and one died of radiation poisoning.

-If you were on the island at any point, you are susceptible to its movements throughout time. My take is still that the people whose noses explode on the island are doing so because they're on the island already, at a different time. So if you come BACK to the island after having been on it at some point, you are risking being on it twice at the same time when it jumps, which is an anti-matter negation thing and only the youngest version of you can survive, because the older is necessarily the one that shouldn't be there, because it wasn't before.

-some time between the 50's/60's,widmore falls out of favor with richard, turns the wheel, is transported off the island. he spends the next 20 years trying to get back, funds dharma. ben kills off dharma. he now has a vendetta against richard and ben, and sends the freighter people.

If Widmore set up Dharma why can't he himself return to the island that he is sending submarines full of people to?
because "the person that moves the island can never come back"
so he set up dharma to harness the islands properties under the guise of scientific research.

and as far as that ridiculous last episode goes..

-The laws of time travel state that even when random it must be EXTREMELY CONVENIENT... for example, you keep your clothes, guns, and anything else you need. Also, when random, you will travel at the most convenient times, such as when you're being shot at.

-how will ben convince sun to go back to the island?
He will tell her if she comes back he will PROVE that Jin is indeed alive.
Ben always has a plan.

-jin hitched a ride on the back of the smoke dolphin, obv

-whats to say jin doesnt explain things:
"I ... on boat ... go boom ... big flash, sky!"

-hated, hated, HATED the kate and claire having the baby flashback poop, such a cheap scene, and really we saw it once, it doesnt make it more emotional just because sawyer is standing there.

-the nosebleeds. are they 2 for 1 now?

-Juliet.. start talking or die the fuck off

other thoughts
-since we dont know whats going on with the other 815ers left, at this point, im worried we'll see a "bernard and rose leading the others' adventures flashback"
-at the end of the series, the second to last episode can just be an hour long psychedelic freakout
you know, to fuck things up even more
-the bomb will be some season finale shit
-ellie = grandma time
-locke will come back to life once he returns to the island
-widmore may be protecting penny, not because she is his daughter, but because SHE is his MOTHER. it is a gross fucked up theory but im just putting it out there

questions im still asking myself
-did locke really destroy the submarine? remember he was wet. the producers never said anything about that. mmmm
-how did henry and his ballooon came to fly on the island?
and how did he die? did ben kill him? most definately

lol lost forum

ps. "the start of something" by voxtrot is so good