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more lost thoughts..

1) Ben steered himself into the role of wheel-turner so he could get out and kill Penny. + other issues b/c obviously he was very conflicted and weepy when he did it. What has he L O S T and what can he G A I N.

2) Barring Sun and Ben, there is no reason for anyone off the island to give a shit about going back now, unless Desmond likes Faraday more than Penny.

3) Hurley would want to go back if only to figure out the numbers/curse bullshit, which btw is another thing they haven't addressed yet

4) To make Kate come back they have to do something with Claire.. except Claire already told her never to bring Aaron back.

i dunno the show seems like its getting more convoluted by the episode not less. but i fuckin' love it

the monster is probably the only thing that it's impossible to believe they didn't have an explanation for from the start.
maybe it pulls people down into the hole in order to judge them, since they run away otherwise. Eko was the only one who stood nose to nose with it, though it didnt work out for him.

i think it's important to remember in episode 5 or 6 of the first season when Locke is confronted by the monster and survives. at that point his whole philosophy changes and he starts his island discovery quest. he later says to jack "i looked into the eye of this island and what i saw was beautiful" THAT is what i think happened to the french dudes. they didn't have any "sickness" at all

ps. dan auerbach's keep it hid is sheer brilliance